Green Hydrogen Support

Green Hydrogen Support

Sustainability Return To Work Recommendations

Use these recommendations to integrate sustainability into Health & Safety and local requirements when returning to work. This guide will help prioritize responsible practices and purchasing, carbon emission and air pollution reduction strategies, normalizing digital workflow and addresses strengthening and communicating sustainable production practices for the long-term resiliency of our industry.

When Global Crises Overlap

by Katie Carpenter and Mari Jo Winkler

It is often said that moments of crisis can be moments of opportunity. We can combat the virus and the climate crisis while we protect the health of our families, coworkers and communities of color. If we act together, we will make film and TV production safer, healthier, greener and more equitable, all at the same time.

Additional And Updated Resources

On Set Waste and Recycling Guidelines

Follow simplified industry standard waste and recycling protocols and use refreshed signs to help separate properly. Keeping food waste and wood out of the landfill will reduce methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas and contributor to climate change. Remember, reducing and reusing materials is always the first step in waste reduction.

Return to Work Product Recommendations

See select sustainable return to work related vendor and product listings to supplement the site’s Green Vendor Database.  This lists includes canned water brands, green cleaning products, PPE recommendations, battery powered mobile generator sources and digital workflow solutions.

Renewable Diesel Fact Sheet

Renewable diesel is a drop-in, non-petroleum fuel for all diesel engines that reduces emissions and air pollution, specifically particulate matter which is tied to an increase in COVID-19 deaths.

PEACH: Production Environmental Actions Checklist

Both the PEACH and PEACH+ have been reviewed to consider COVID-19 return to work best practices for a sustainable production. Always defer to current health and safety regulations under these circumstances. In addition to the departmental best practices, use the sustainable production tools to plan, communicate, implement and measure your efforts. Read More



A comprehensive overview of best practices for the Locations department.

Energy Use

Energy Use

A memo that outlines common ways to conserve and reduce energy use.