The tools below were created by the studios and industry professionals to help you plan, communicate, implement, and track sustainable production practices on your set, calculate your show’s carbon emissions, or help green your content.

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Sustainable Practices Checklist
(Peach & Peach+)

The PEACH (Production Environmental Actions Checklist) & PEACH+ (with added measures) include practices that each department can implement throughout production. Go through the document with each department in prep to start your planning, and then again at wrap to find out what was achieved. The PEACH also serves as an application for an Environmental Media Association Green Seal (just save and send to EMA to apply).

Carbon Footprint Calculator

The PEAR (Production Environmental Accounting Report) is a tool to measure the environmental impact of your production based on the energy used in offices and on stages, the fuel used in vehicles and generators, and the emissions from air travel and accommodations. The PEAR can also report on waste, donations, and other environmentally-impactful purchases like water bottles, plywood, and paper.

Plywood Tracking Worksheet

The PLUM (Production Lumber Material) worksheet tracks your plywood usage, primarily focusing on Lauan/Meranti, ensuring it is responsibly sourced.

Best Practices Infographics

These infographics can be used as a helpful visual to sustainable best practices for production in the office, on location, and on stage as well as for facility/soundstage managers and owners. Download All Here

Food & Material Donations

Often times reducing waste can also mean giving back to the local community. Here are resources to help you donate excess food or set materials.

Resource Library

Click through to find a database of memos, signs, and fact sheets designed to help you learn more and communicate with your crew.

International Green Production Programs

Here is a list of international sustainability initiatives (regional and local) to be aware of for resources and networking, when working in different countries.

Climate Content/Greening Your Content

Click through to find resources and additional information including climate and environmental themes in your storylines, and via messaging and on-screen placements.